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Capability assessment

Assessment of intellectual abilities, educational achievements, special gifts as well as specific concerns. Suitable for school and college students, it is recommended either to measure potential or to address specific concerns related to learning.

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Learning capacity enhancement

Understand your learning styles, study habits as well as emotional frame in order to identify most effective interventions for improved learning, learning capacity enhancement plan and handholding. Suitable for school and college students for performance improvement.

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Career Planning

Identify suitable career pathways by understanding your orientations, preferences, skills and behaviours. Select streams and prepare UG/PG educational roadmap. Identify preferred colleges and prepare college selection plan. Ideal time to choose this service is from 8th – 10th, before stream selection.

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Career Building support

Prepare for entrance exams, get college admission handholding as well as education financing advice. Through extensive partner network, we ensure reliable, high-quality service.

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  • What you get

  • You understand yourself thoroughly by becoming aware of your personality, interests, values, learning styles and emotional quotient. This is crucial in career path identification.

  • You understand your skills in multiple dimensions. Various career paths require varying proficiencies in different skills.

  • You get very crisp analysis (document & video format) relevant to career identification. You also get very specific recommendations of suitable careers & their educational requirements.

  • For suitable careers, you get detailed educational roadmaps – subjects in high school, UG and PG along with special courses. You also get college recommendations based on the preparation requirements and fees.

  • This service guides students about entrance exams for the identified colleges and education, helps them with college admissions as well as guidance on education financing. This service ensures that you gain required education to build the identified career.