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Work & Life Satisfaction Explorer

A thorough analysis of your values fulfilment and life role engagement that helps you visualize the balance or disbalance in a holistic way, identify the cause and formulate a plan to create harmony among various life roles, thus leading to a more satisfied and fulfilling life.

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Workplace leadership Exploration

The exploration includes thorough self-awareness of the important facets of your personality and emotional maturity, gap-analysis vis-a-vis the expected behaviours to lead & succeed in morder workplace you understand and identification of a growth plan. By working on it, you prepare to display leadership whether working with your team, your peers or your managers.

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Work performance explorer

WPE is designed to assess your capacity to successfully perform tasks and work efficiently with people. You identify the gaps between actual and required skill levels and identify a growth plan. By working on the growth plan and required building required skills, you can greatly enhance your workplace performance.

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Total Career Mentor

TCM is a holistic and comprehensive career mentoring solution that explores your perception about self, people leadership capacity, work performace capacity as well as work & life satisfaction. It works out a development plan that is aimed to improve your work performance as well as overall satisfaction.

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  • Resources that you get

  • Detailed, self-explanatory report with meaningful analysis, inferences that can be utilizied as a reference booklet.

  • Gap analysis between current and expected skills, Development and growth recommendations based on the same.

  • An indepth report interpretation and counselling/ mentoring sessoin with experts that can clarify any doubts in execution of growth recommendations.