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Career Status Analysis

Analyze your current career situation, your orientations, career skills, work values and interests. Identify the support you need to flourish in your career. You should opt it when you sense a need to review your career or proactively after you have spent 8-10 years in your career.

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Career growth Support

If you feel that you have stagnated and career status analysis identifies personal development as the primary reason utilize this service. Set your career goals, make a skill building plan – functional and behavioural and get support to execute the plan.

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Work adjustment Support

If you are finding it difficult to meet the demands of job and career status analysis identifies maladjustment as primary reason, utilize this service. Set your adjustment & well-being goals, identify conflicting and non-adaptive indicators and make a work adaptation plan.

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Career change Support

When neither growth nor adjustment lead to fulfilment, you may have to decide for this service. You critically review your professional and life goals. You identify alternative industries and roles. You create a skill building plan and identify resources for execution. You get profile placement support.

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