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Child Well-being Explorer

CWE helps you understand various parameters of of child's well-being and the current situation of child related to these parameters. This helps you identify healthy child behaviours and specific actions for improvement if necessary. This can also be used as a preliminary tool that may lead to more specific diagnosis in certain cases

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Child Learning Enablers

CLE helps to identify behaviours of child related to academic learning. It identifies habitual, psychosocial or biological factors important for proper learning of the child. The solution includes assessment, analysis & recommendations report and optional counselling session.

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Parenting Behaviour Exploration

Through PBA, parents can become aware of their own parenting behaviours. They can analyze themselves over elevent sub-domains considered important in parenting. In the optional report interpretation and counselling session, they can identify which behaviours modifications or growth.

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Positive Parenting Explorer

PPE is a comprehensive family level tool that involves both parents and the child. It is a multi-dimensional analysis of child's well-being, academic behaviours as well as parenting styles. The outcome is an identification of key child concerns along with their correlation with parenting behaviours. Also included are growth recommendations for child-enabling parenting and optional counselling session.

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  • Resources that you get

  • A crisp analysis of each relevant parameter, current situation analysis of person (parent or child) as well as development recommendations

  • Our expert counsellors explain the report to you in an easy, relateable manner. They also help you understand the development plan, so that you can implement it.

  • Our counsellors help for identification of underlying psychosocial or biological factors for any concern identified. This may help you understand the requirement of talking to a clinical psychologist.